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Outcomes vs. Outputs And Cake

episode 6

As a product manager, are you shipping outputs or outcomes? What's the advantage of one over the other, and how do you effectively do one over the other? In this epsiode, we talk about these distinctions and compare it to delivering chocolate cake. Because who doesn't like cake?

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Beating The Competition And Soccer

episode 5

Beating your competition means playing the right game. It's hard sometimes to know whether you're playing your game, or your competitors. In this episode, we spend time talking about playing knowing the playing field, playing your game, and questions to ask to make sure you're on the right track. Oh, and Soccer, of course.

Building Product Teams And Your Family Portrait

episode 4

Building teams is one of the most important things a leader and manager can do. We talk about 4 methods I've learned over the years to help build teams, including how to use your family portrait (and what it is).

Minimum Viable Product And Taco Skateboards

episode 3

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a very commonly used product management theory. Unfortunately, MVP is not often managed well. In this episode, we talk about the right kind of MVP, and how to make sure your MVP is on the right track.

Market Segmentation and Pizza (Part 2)

episode 2

We continue our conversation about market segmentation as we dig into the details of how to do segmentation, and how you can use it to start to build your roadmap and company strategy.

Market Segmentation and Pizza (Part 1)

episode 1

Market segmentation is an awesome strategy - but what is market segmentation, exactly? Why is it important for product managers? When should you use it? What can it help with? We get into these questions... and pizza.


Hello, I am Nathan Snell.

Thanks for listening to my podcast! I'm a technology entrepreneur and have been involved in numerous startups. Most recently, I am a co-founder of nCino where I lead product innovation, and our AI & ML products, among other things.



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